Canadian Christadelphian Bible School 2015

And do not be conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect, will of God.
— Romans 12:2

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Morning Exhortations

  • Our Hope and Expectation, O Jesus, Now Appear ( Acts 23:1-7 )
    Bro. Sam Diliberto
  • What is our Reasonable Service as a Disciple of Christ? ( Rom 12:1 )
    Bro. Joe Pendergast Sr.
  • And Be Not Conformed to This World ( Rom 12:2 )
    Bro. Paul Pursell
  • Be ye Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind ( Rom 12:2 )
    Bro. Ralph Diliberto
  • That ye May Prove What is that Good, and Accpetable and Perfect, Will of God ( Rom 12:2 )
    Bro. Greg Bostian
  • I Am Not of This World
    Bro. David Stanley

Evening Lectures

  • Bearing His Reproach ( Heb 13:8-14 )
    Bro. Mike MacDonald
  • Times and Seasons: A Current Perspective
    Bro. Rick Farrar
  • Judging Joab - A Reconsideration ( Matt 7:1-5 )
    Bro. Alan Ghent
  • To Abraham & His Seed Were the Promises Made ( Gal 3 )
    Bro. Randy Morrissette
  • The Brain ( Rom 7:14-25 )
    Bro. Kris Taggart

Adult Classes

Christ in the Jewish Feasts

Bro. Doug Davis

My topic is "Christ in the Jewish Feasts" - Over the five days we will look at the seven key feasts outlined in Leviticus 23:

  1. Feast of Passover / Unleavened Bread
  2. Feast of First Fruits
  3. Feast of Pentecost (Feast of Weeks)
  4. Feast of Trumpets / Atonement
  5. Feast of Tabernacles / Ingathering

We will look at how God uses the physical to teach the spiritual. These feasts were established for God's people to learn and remember what God has done for them. However, there is another layer that also prepares us for the life, resurrection, and return of Jesus. All of the feasts point to Christ's ministry and the importance of his life (first three feasts) and coming kingdom (last four feasts). God's mercy and the gospel message are manifested in these feasts that provide rich and comforting lessons to strengthen our faith and provide hope, especially at these times.

The Mind of Christ

Bro. Bruce Parker

What does it mean to 'have the mind of Christ'? How do we learn to think the way God and Jesus want us to think? In this class we'll look at the Jewish context that existed when Jesus appeared on the scene. We'll look at the questions and answers Jesus may have explored at age 12. We'll look closely at how Jesus reasoned his way to his understanding as an adult. We'll look at what Paul contributed to this process of preparing believers for the challenges of a life of faith. And we'll look at some parallels between 1st century and 21st century believers' circumstances, and how to apply the Mind of Christ to some of our current challenges.

Know the Players and See the Angels

Bro. Don Dice

At the 48th anniversary of the 6 Day War, where has our anticipation of Christ's return gone? The 1967 Arkansas Bible School is something of a legend due to the attendance of so many excited Brothers and Sisters, as our Heavenly Father was about to send his son to establish his kingdom, or so it was thought at the time. 48 years later, why aren't we equally excited and anxious? Our Father is working harder NOW, to set in order the proper conditions in his creation, in order to establish his kingdom. Our intent in this class will be to examine how the things we see happening around us work to bring those conditions about. Also, to see what our Father has in store for Israel's Arab neighbours, the Gogian invader, and finally, the Woman who sits upon the Beast. We will examine the prophesies in Psalm 83, Amos 1 & 2, Zech. 12, Ezek. 38 & 39, Zech. 14, Isa. 63, Zech. 14, and Rev. 16-19.


Bro. Ben Bowen

In this series of classes we will delve into the scriptures to find out what they tell us of Armageddon. There are a number of references to Armageddon in scripture, some of the major chapters being Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11 and Revelation 16, along with Joel. We will consider these chapters and other passages as a prophetic biblical roadmap to see what we expect to happen. Once we have our prophetic roadmap we will look at current events to watch and see how world powers, guided by the angels, are putting all the pieces of this final showdown into place with frightening acceleration.

Our Journey with Abraham

Bro. Trent Johnson

We identify with Abraham as his true, spiritual offspring, yet we may try to avoid the trials and hardships he endured in his life. Abraham willingly left his home and put his trust in the LORD. He was tested over and over and through these trials was able to develop a "friendship" with his heavenly Father. He asked questions of God, not as a doubter, but as someone who wanted to learn more and more about his Father. We are Abraham's children and should expect and welcome similar trials. But how can our faith develop if we don't go on the journey? We will discuss, during this class, the trials of this very familiar Bible figure and try to determine how we can put ourselves in a similar position of complete trust in our Father and his son.

King Solomon

Bro. Dan Ribaudo

King Solomon is mentioned 253 times in scripture, has over 20 chapters dedicated to him, wrote 3,000 proverbs, 1,005 songs, and authored the majority of three books in scripture. Only a select few have had more of the scriptural record dedicated to their lives, but for all that is written about King Solomon, we know very little about the character of the man himself. During the course of our study, we will examine the various aspects of Solomon's life to help us gain a little bit more of an understanding of how his life was used as both an example and a warning. We will look at Solomon's role as a teacher, a king-priest, and, Lord willing, we will also spend a little bit of time looking at the Song of Solomon, one of the most poetic prophecies in scripture, but also one of the least examined. In keeping with one of Solomon's proverbs, "Iron sharpeneth iron" comments, questions, and discussion will be encouraged.