Canadian Christadelphian Bible School 2014

This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.
— Psalm 118:24

Group Photos

Morning Exhortations

  • In the Beginning Wisdom ( Prov 8 )
    Bro. Jim Millay
  • His Mercy Endures ( Psa 118:1 )
    Bro. Dan Ribaudo Jr.
  • Your White Stone of Refuge ( Psa 118:8 )
    Bro. Aaron Holder
  • God is our Salvation in Times of Need ( Psa 118:14 )
    Bro. Mike Nielsen
  • The Rejected Stone is the Foundation of our Faith ( Psa 118:22 )
    Bro. Joe Pendergast Sr.
  • The Botch of Egypt ( Psa 118:24 )
    Bro. Alan Ghent

Evening Lectures

  • A Sense of 1967 Urgency ( Isa 2; Luke 21:20-28 )
    Bro. Ron Waye
  • Peter's Conversion ( Luke 22:24-34 )
    Bro. David Pinkston
  • The Final Days of David's Life ( 2 Sam 7:1-13 )
    Bro. Eric Sankey
  • Consider Baptism ( Rom 6 )
    Bro. Jason Van Horn
  • Modern Reasons for Faith in God ( John 4:7-26 )
    Bro. Ed C.

Adult Classes

Water: An Example of Design in Scripture

Bro. Gord Welshman

Some say that the Bible contains a golden thread of God's plan and purpose for this earth and that it weaves its way from Genesis to Revelations. This thread is there by God's design, it did not occur by accident. I believe a study of water reveals much about this golden thread. This class will review God's use of water, in scripture, both physically and symbolically. The end result, prayerfully, will be that we see design in God's use of water. His plan and purpose was to send us a message; that He is in control of water and therefore when we read we can be saved, by his grace, through the waters of baptism; we can believe it.

Let the Contest Begin

Bro. Steve King

The story of the epic battle between Yahweh (represented by Moses) and Egypt (represented by Pharaoh) resulted in the birth of a nation. Understanding the implications of this contest is vitally important for all who aspire to be part of spiritual Israel. In Isaiah 66: 8 and 9 Yahweh says, "Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once?... Shall I bring to birth and not bring forth?" We will examine the Signs and Wonders (in great detail) that Yahweh used to impress the nations and bring Pharaoh to his knees. What are the prophetic implications of this contest? Do we understand what really happened? The study will show what Egypt symbolizes in the scripture. This discussion will also focus on the importance of getting ourselves out of latter day Egypt. This will be an interactive class. One of the goals by the end of the week is to have shown that this is more than just a Sunday School lesson.

Models of Salvation

Bro. Jost Vest

God's plan for salvation is taught in Scriptures by words and examples. This class will examine the institutions and events that are metaphors for salvation.

The Riches of this World

Bro. Jerry Markwith

Based on Luke 16:11 - "If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?". This class is a biblical study on money and how to be faithful stewards. We shall consider both biblical and practical aspects of money in areas such as debt, charity, gambling, saving and investing. We shall examine some aspects of behavioral economics which also play a role in end time events. The word of God is not silent when it comes to money. The class will be provided provocative questions with answers only you can provide through self examination.

Exodus Generation

Bro. Joseph Fordham

Throughout scripture a reverberating warning can be heard - warning us of the rebellious generation that wandered in the Wilderness and how the redeemed ultimately became irredeemable. How is this possible, how can a 'saved' become 'unsaved'? There are six generations in Scripture specifically condemned and above them all we as believers are most strictly admonished to hear from the ghosts of the bodies strewn in the wilderness as examples to avoid. In their rebellions lie hidden strategic treasures to help us on our road to salvation.
We will closely examine the generation that left the Egypt or the World, traversed through the Red Sea and were baptized, were saved from slavery, saved from the plagues, saved from the Egyptian Army and then proceeded to test God ten times in the wilderness and loose everything. We will learn the most valuable lessons of how to avoid their doom, their eternal sentence, and the transformation from redeemed to unredeemed.
We will look at sharp comparisons between the generation of Noah, the Exodus, Babylonian Exile, Christ's time, and our time and see what crucial lessons we can draw for our lives today.